Asad Keshavarz was born in 1970, in Shiraz, Iran 

He started Experimental Painting in 1990

He began his studies at the College of Fine Art and Architecture, in Yazd University in 1995. 

In these years, he had experienced and developed his different painting styles and techniques. 

His artwork and his experiences were noticed  and interested his teachers and university professors. 

Asad finds a deep connection with abstract expressionism and figuration (human body). 

He Wrote his thesis in 2002 about “How expressionism painters of the twentieth century look at to the figuration of humans”

His painting (for final Art Work presented) was a human body whit Oil paint on huge canvas. He graduated with a grade A. 

He tried to continue his education in graduate school (master degree). He was accepted at the entrance exam with high scores, but after an interview, the religious interviewers did not accept his art work contaning nudity and he was not allowed to continue his education in university. 

He was painting non-stop until 2002. In 2002 he created a special art work whit pottery and ceramic materials. in this period he also researched the effect of light on his paintings. 

This artwork was embossed and engraved creating different meanings and asocations in different light settings. 

In 2002 he started his long journey whit Razieh to many cities in Iran. They lived in many cities and the journey lasted until 2010. 

This journey had great value and importance and influenced his vision and his work. 

In these years he  held two Exhibition, first wood art and craft and second Mosaic Candlestick Exhibitions. 

He opened his own Art school "Painting Garden" he lectured fine art and painting to students and children. 

He believes that his paintins in this period is a way to understand and to find himself. He feels that these paintings are an individual and intimate experience that he doesn't want to share therefore Asad destroyed all these paintings. 

In 2010 he moved to Hamedan, a mountain city in Iran. He began to create new art. He thought of a new method to look at the human body in his paintings. 

Human figures in his paintings are nude and naked and this is a serious crime in Iran. Therefor his paintings never can pass censorship in Iran.

Unfortenatly his first exhibition was therefore blocked and he was not able to present his work in Iran.